Battle of the sexes

January 22, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

   The other day, a batchmate of mine had the following status message in her Gtalk profile – “Life on earth would be better off without men”. I, with an intention to score some cheap brownie points, was quick to point out that without men the world would’ve been without electricity, medicines, industry, telephone, car, engine and blah blah blah.  And she responded by listing out the achievements of Curie, Mother Teresa and other such admirable women. Eristic dialogues!!

I’m sure every one of us would’ve had such petty (albeit passionate) arguments with members of the opposite sex. I really am not a male chauvinistic pig. In reality, I find it amusing to project myself as one, just to annoy the fairer sex.

Battle of the sexes is as inconclusive as the quest for secret of the universe. Perhaps, we need each other. I have no qualms in admitting that women are the most beautiful of god’s creation. Women may not return the complement. The truth is that men do not expect it, and women do not offer it. That’s nature at work. 


Cricket Limericks

October 26, 2009

The following are 2 poems (anti-limericks) i wrote sometime back. Yeah, they aren’t great. But, what can you expect from someone who is poetically challenged?

Background Info – A limerick is a five-line poem with a strict form (AABBA), which intends to be witty or humorous, and is sometimes obscene with humorous intent. There is a sub-genre of poems that take the twist and apply it to the limerick itself. These are sometimes called anti-limericks. The following poems subverts the structure of the true limerick by changing the number of syllables in the lines. Also, I’ve named the title of this post as ‘Cricket Limerics’ instead of ‘Cricket Anti-Limericks’, purely for the sake of improving the visibility of the post in google search results.





There was a cricketer from Bengal,
Who never failed to entertain us all.
        From plundering runs with ease
        To fielding like Munaf Patel’s niece,
That old man has done it all.






There was a Little Master from Shivaji Park
Who carted bowlers into corners so dark
      Some likened him to god of cricket,
      Crying at the fall of his wicket.
And celebrated when the ball landed on the car park

Goundamani – An epitome of self-confidence

October 15, 2009



Goundamani sir’s comedies are a true reflection of his supreme self-confidence. He hasn’t got the looks of tom cruise, yet he kalaaichifies (for want of a better term) others’ looks and uses the terms like ‘karichatti mandaya’, ‘komutti thalaya’.

He hasn’t got a PhD from harward, yet he makes fun of others’ lack of education, and contends that he is the most intelligent man after G.D.Naidu.

He doesn’t spare the heroes either. When Gounder gets going, heroes always play a second fiddle.

Is he a hypocrite? Nopes, that would be a simplistic way to gauge his comedies. Rather, I would say that his comedies are based on purest principles – celebration of free-spirit. His uninhibited and no-holds-barred approach to comedy not only entertains us, but also has an underlying message – “No matter what, don’t give up your self-confidence, a wee bit. Even if you are dumb”.

According to me, he is the most intelligent comedian ever. Slapstick, Social-message, timing, Crude/Crass humour, Romance – his comedy had it all, and a few more. Long live god of comedy!!

Cricinfo International Scores

August 1, 2008
Latest Cricket Scores

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DAN BROWN – An overrated novelist

August 14, 2007

Dan Brown

I read Da Vinci code and Angels & Demons roughly 2 years back. It was around the time my orgy of reading novels reached its peak. Im giving my honest opinion on the Dan Browns 2 famous works. Here it goes.

Selling 60 million odd copies of any book is no mean task. Many writers wouldnt dare to dream of that. But that is precisely what Dan Brown managed to achieve with the 2 famous books. Why did they become best sellers? The reason is Dan Brown broght into light, some intriguing facts about jesus, christianity and the church. The reading public always loved such kind of conspiracy thoery related writings. How many of us suspected that jesus was married? How many of us noticed that one person in the famous Last Supper painting, was infact a lady?. Not many i guess. I remember asking a christian friend of mine about the Last Supper painting. Only after reading Da Vinci code did he notice Mary Magdalene in the painting.

But does selling millions of copies make Dan Brown a good author? Im afraid not. I would say is novels are well researched but not well written. New york times famously reviewed the book as “Dan Brown’s best-selling primer on how not to write an English sentence”. For one, the first noticable shortcoming of Dan Brown’s books is that they are badly plotted. Langdon could be a famous professor of symbology and Iconology. But Langdon solving various puzzles and breaking codes within a short time is pretty farfetched. Beyond a certain point things become too predictable. It doesnt need a genius to guess that Langdon is going to break another code or solve another puzzzle in the next few pages. Its like the southindian movies in which our hero drives the guts out of numerous thugs he encounters, without a tiny scratch. One gets tired of the never ending treasure hunt. Another shortcoming is the flatness of the main characters in his books. His writing doesnt strike any emotional chord with the readers.

So Dan Browns mantra is simple : ‘ Pick on a sensitive topic. Create a conspiracy theory. Cash in on it’.


Several years from now, modern writers of fiction like Stephen King, J.K.Rowling , Grisham would still be remembered for their literature while Dan Brown would sink into oblivion once the interest in christian conspiracy theories fades off.

If you are a beginner then dont bother to read Dan Brown’s books ( atleast defer it to a later date). If you are a voracious reader and havent read the Brown’s books then forget that a person named Dan Brown even existed. If you are into cheap thrills, then ‘Da vinci code’ and ‘Angels and Demons’ are your cuppa.

Hello friends

July 26, 2007

This is my first post. Will come up with some interesting posts.